We'll look back on this and smile
because it was life and we decided to live it.

Meet Life Riding Shotgun
As we travel and meet people in-person or on social media, the more clear it becomes that people who aren't living a nomadic lifestyle are extremely curious about those of us who do. Some think that for a family like us to live this lifestyle, we must be independently wealthy. To the contrary, others think we must be completely destitute. When people find out that our children are roadschooled, they also have differing opinions. Most feel they'll be more socially and culturally tolerant, educated on a much more diverse level, learn to think 'outside the box' and not be confined by the stigma of 'normal'. The naysayers are what we call "closed-minded". The supportive people are often "dreamers" who have either thought about doing this, are trying to figure out how they CAN do this, or are just "open-minded" to the way others choose the live. By sharing our adventures, we hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, take risks, laugh in the face of fear, and live life to the fullest.
The true fruit of travel is perhaps
the feeling of being nearly everywhere at home.
-Freya Stark
The Chaotic Crew
  1. T1 & T2
    I'm Theresa Hewston (T2). I'm the writer and photographer of our crew. I'm the one who plans our journeys, coordinates our adventures, reserves our travel plans, photographs our destinations, and writes about them for this blog and our facebook page. I'm also the wife and navigator to our pilot, Todd, and mom extraordinaire to four amazing kids. Todd Hewston (T1) is probably best recognized as "hubby" from our facebook posts. He's our pilot, or driver, who takes us wherever I tell him to go and is up for anything. He is super dad and keeps the boys in control while I am taking pictures or conducting business. He is also the most social of the bunch and likes to talk travel and sports with anyone who will listen. I can always count on him to take care of minor RV repairs, make sure the black tanks are dumped, and keep the fridge stocked with my Vanilla Coke Zero.
  2. J1, J2, & J3
    Our two little guys, known collectively as "the boys", Jaden (J1), Jordan (J2), and Jett (J3) travel with us and are homeschooled, or as we call it on-the-road, roadschooled. Jaden is the big brother and wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up. He's our adrenaline junky who wants to try anything and everything. I'm beginning to think he was born fearless. Jordan is the middle boy and a new big brother and wants to be a doctor during the day and a boxer at night. He loves to beat things up and pretend he's a superhero, but he's actually more teddy bear than thrill seeker. Jett is the baby boy of the bunch who is loving his big brothers and traveling. He wants to be carried around all the time and his favorite place is in daddy's backpack carrier out in nature.
  3. B1 & B2
    The two older kids don't travel with us because they have lives of their own. We've successfully raised them and get super excited when they come to visit or when our travels take us to wherever they are.